Lucid (Video)

Adopting the use of performance art and a multilayered soundscape, Lucid dissolves the barrier thrust between the states of asleep and awake, revealing that each may contribute to the other’s functioning. Through the exploration of the state of purgatory that hovers between, this two-channel video harvests on one hand the liberation and creative omnipotence allowed within the dream space, and on the other hand the conscious thought that typically remains within the space of reality.

Lucid does not aim to present lucid dreaming as an agential paradise in which one can play God. By focusing on this in-between ‘purgatory’ space, it depicts both the benevolent and malevolent aspects of the mind, the heaven and the hell, in order to draw attention to the potential of lucid dreaming to confront the normally repressed facets of one’s subjectivities. It posits the dreamer into a solipsistic reality in which they can explore their self more deeply and meaningfully than possible in actuality.

Sound by Lena Brogaard Ottosen