Lucy Deverall is a multidisciplinary queer artist based in Sydney, Australia. Currently completing a degree in Photography and Situated Media, at the University of Technology Sydney, Lucy has already completed an undergraduate in Media Arts and Production (UTS) and spent three months at an experimental artist residency, LungA School, in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Combining poetry with portraiture, installation with still life, abstract with representational, Lucy’s transdisciplinary approach owes itself to a desire to portray the offbeat, elusive emotional states that sit somewhere in the space between. Despite its penchant for traipsing across mediums, her work is not without the mark of its maker. Exploring her desires, Lucy is drawn towards an unrelenting fixation on oppositions. In effect, the images convey not the things they depict, but an emotional response. Her work attempts to blend together conflicting notions of control and freedom, choice and compulsion, familiarity and distance, to bring about a sensation of harmony.

Lucy’s work is a gesture, a nod of the head towards beauty, a soothing exchange with the world that is void of absolutes.

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